Remove Paint From Your Wet Spraybooth

A wet spray booth offers excellent filtration of over-spray so is an excellent addition to your product finishing process. An issue, with this type of booth, has always been what to do with the sludge that slowly collects within the water holding tank or elsewhere within the booth. However, this sludge need not be a problem and booth water does not have to be removed.

The removal, and changing, of the booth water can be a costly process. Not only having to pay for a waste disposal company but, in addition, there are your labour costs and a potential loss of production whilst the cleaning is taking place. There is also the waste of water; why pay to have water taken away when you can continue to use it by easily removing the sludge?

Our Proco solutions allow you to remove all of the sludge from your spray booth. The product range can be used with all types of water or solvent based paints, glues, lacquer and most other types of coating or surface treatment application. It can be used within all types and sizes of wet-back spray booth (pump and no pump designs), automatic and robotic booths alike as well as booths with or without skimming tanks or other methods of paint removal.

Not only will you be able to remove all of the overspray from your booth but the sludge will be kept soft whilst it is held within the booth water. This greatly reduces potential downtime for your booth as blockages in nozzles, pumps and pipework become much less frequent, even eliminated, as the water is allowed to flow around the system, unhindered by the build-up of hard paint.

Waste Water Separation

Water separation



Safety is an obvious concern when it comes to operating and running a spray booth and when using chemicals. As you are removing the paint from the booth water, the water will much cleaner than normal however, our products contain a biocide designed to kill any potentially harmful bacteria held within the system. This biocide is changed with every new batch so you can be assured that it as effective as it was when first added. Most products within the Proco range are pH neutral so it is safe for the handlers and for your booth water. Our products will not change the pH of the water. This is very important for the long-term protection of your booth.

The Proco range is flexible so can, to a certain degree, fit around your production. As long as you follow the basic rules of adding the right amount, allow the products to mix properly and remove the floating paint, the system will work and you will have spray booths free from the build-up of paint and sludge.

Not only is the process have very little impact upon your manufacturing process but it also takes very little time. If you are running the process, manually, to a standard wet back spray booth then you will be spending, on average, no more than 10-minutes a day keeping the booth clean. We feel that this is a fair exchange for the benefits of running a booth with clean water.

You can read more information about our Proco range of water treatment chemicals on our WATER TREATMENT page.

If you would like to discuss this process in a little more detail then you can call us or send us an email via our CONTACT US page.


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