Surface Treatment and Degreasing FAQs

What temperature should Degrephos be used at?

Degrephos can be used at ambient (cold) temperature so there is no need to heat a tank. If you are planning to use Degrephos in an existing tank that can heat the contents, then the warmer the water the faster Degrephos will work.

Is your Netasolv alcohol cleaner available with a scent?

Yes, choose Netasolv 100 which has a lemon scent. It is a very effective neutral alcohol based cleaner and degreaser.

How should I apply your Elasticote spray booth coatings?

The solvent based booth coatings, Elasticote and Elasticote TR, can be applied by sprayer for better coverage although it is also possible with a brush or roller. It will dry in about 2 hours.The water based Elasticote AQ is a lot thicker and may need diluting in water for a sprayer. We recommend that this is applied with a roller. It will take longer to dry, about 8 hours so best to leave overnight.If applying on galvanised walls which are pitted, it is always advisable to apply a layer of solvent based coating before Elasticote AQ as it will be easier to remove when dirty.

How am I best to clean my sprayer after applying Elasticote?

As Elasticote is a solvent based product you can use a solvent based cleaner. We have a specialist cleaner PROCLEAN that is a water-based product that can clean solvent & water-based products. It is also used in very small quantities so a very attractive product for both high and low volume sprayers.

Will Protecsol protect my floor from a forklift?

Protecsol will protect your floor from marks that a forklift will leave on floors. It is very important that Protecsol is allowed to dry fully and is kept dry. If the floor becomes wet then it will lift if a forklift turns tight circles upon it.

What is the difference between Protecnet & Protecnet H?

Both Protecnet products are designed to attract and hold dust or overspray from areas where it is not wanted, they just do it in different ways. Protecnet is a tacky coating meaning that it doesn't dry, it is therefore thicker and can hold more dust. It is very good for use in areas that are subject to very high levels of contamination such as around spray booth filters. However, Protecnet is a tacky coating so it stays wet to the touch and this is where Protecnet H differs as it dries upon a surface. This does mean that it will not have the holding capacity of Protecnet, but it can be used in many more situations and does not have the potential of cross contamination.