Activated Carbon Granules - TTS 100

SKU: 9915/9916 10 litres/40 litres

Available: 100 units available for Priority Delivery

Designed for the micro filtration of all types of industrial water that has been contaminate by degreasing/phosphating and passivation effluent.
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These granules are designed for the micro filtration of all types of industrial water that has been contaminated by degreasing/phosphating and passivation effluent.

To improve the quality & lifespan of your pre-treatment solution and rinse water we have a comprehensive range of pre-treatment & passivation chemicals as well as options for the filtration of your treatment and rinse tanks.

These granules are normally used with our EpurOil PM or EpurOil GM micro filtration units and are contained within the second pressurised cylinder providing micro filtration of oils and other contaminants. 

Activated carbon granules with a high absorption capacity for the elimination of organic molecules even in their trace state. Particularly suitable for filtering rinse baths after within degreasing systems, before the water passes through ion exchange resin.

  • Appearance - Granulated
  • pH - 6-10
  • Density - 500g / litre
  • Particle size - 90% between 0.6 and 2.36 mm
  • Water Content - <5%
  • Specific Surface Area - 989 m²/g

These granules are ready to use in a purification bottle or chamber. Before filling the bottle or canister, we recommend washing the bottle with clean water to eliminate dust.

It is very important to remember that activated carbon must be changed on a regular basis. We are using it for its excellent filtration qualities which means it will become clogged with the contaminants that it is removing from your waste water. If not changed then these could possibly become a breeding ground for dangerous micro-organisms after a certain period of time. We therefore recommend that our customers have enough activated carbon for at least two changes and that it is kept in a sealed container or bag between changes.