Aspifloc 200


Our Aspifloc 200 is a washing and water treatment station. It has been designed to enable the treatment of waste industrial water containing water soluble paints, glues, inks, finishing solutions, and more generally any liquid/solid separation including solvent-based paints.

Designed to be used in conjunction with our range of Proco treatment chemicals which allows you to treat all types of suspended matter, the Aspifloc 200 can store the waste water until you have collected enough to undertake a full treatment.

The station consists of a mixing tank, filtration sacks and wash area for spray guns, brushes, trays and other things, from your production process, that require cleaning of paint or glue etc. This washing water is transferred to the mixing tank to be included in the next treatment.

  • A single source of energy - compressed air

  • 1 control panel containing all the functions

  • 1 washing sink equipped with a brush and a blow gun

  • Suction pipe for polluted effluents to bring them back to the treatment tank

  • Mixing tank with a pneumatic stirrer equipped with a helical propeller (for flocculation)

  • 4 sludge recovery bags after flocculation

Our systems are specially adapted to meet your quality requirements, available space and budget.

Therefore each must be ordered accordingly.

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Product Specification




Length - 1420mm

Width - 1120mm

Height - 2050mm

Weight - 280kg

Washing Sink Capacity:

60 litres

Treatment Tank Capacity:

190 litres

Holding Tank Capacity:

190 litres

Capacity of filter bags:

250 litres

System requires supply of compressed air and fresh water.

How much water can I treat at a time?

The capacity of the mixing tank is 190 litres so each treatment would ideally be between 150 litres and 190 litres.

What is the washing tank for?

The washing tank is for cleaning spray guns, brushes, trays and anything else that would need to be cleaned. Designed for the removal of the same paint, glue etc. that is in the mixing tank the washing solution can be transferred to the mixing tank once the washing is complete.

Why do you need a supply of fresh water?

Fresh water is needed for the washing tank however this can be adapted to use previously filtered water as a way of recycling and reducing your water usage.

The Aspifloc 200 can be mounted on castors meaning that the unit can be easily moved if required.

The washing sink can be adapted to re-use the previously filtered water so that fresh water is not required.

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