Aspifloc 800


Our Aspifloc 800 is an all in one treatment station for industrial water contaminated with paints, ink, varnish, glue etc. The system includes treatment/mixing tank, filtration stand with double diaphragm pump & 800 litre storage tank.

The system gives a very low cost per treatment and each of our Aspifloc filtration sacks will hold up to 1000kg of waste solids and we offer a range of bags with filtration levels from 35 microns to 400 microns.

Our systems are specially adapted to meet your quality requirements, available space and budget.

Therefore each must be ordered accordingly.

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Product Specification



Dimensions without tank:






Tank dimensions:

Diameter: 1300mm

Height: 1360mm

Tank volume: 2 x 800 liters (sloping base for total emptying)

Processing capacity:

800 liters in 4 hours (depending on type of effluent)

Why use an Epurwater if the Aspifloc 800 already filters the water?

For general washing or dilution of future treatments the quality of the filtered water from the Aspifloc sacks will be fine however if you are wanting to use the filtered water flush/clean spray lines, paint guns or the internal parts of other machinery then we recommend the micro filtration of the Epurwater. The activated carbon within the second pressurised chamber will remove all traces of treatment chemicals so that the water will not cause coagulation within the items being cleaned. If you are planning to dispose of the filtered water direct to drain then additional filtration may also be required.

Can be set with our Epurwater PM & GM models for additional micro filtration of stored water.

Recovery pump on storage tank for feeding a washing brush

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