Aspifloc TS Skimmer GM


Our Aspifloc TS Skimmer GM is a skimming system, with an extra large filtration capacity, to recycle your high pressure washing water.

  • Separation after flocculation of residues, sludge, solid matter for de-watering

  • Large filtration capacity (flow rate up to 150 liters/minute)

  • Automatic liquid/solid separation

  • Can be used with a very wide range of effluents

  • Reduction of sludge recovery costs after de-watering

  • Sludge storage on our filtering big bags (same as used in our Bigfloc/Aspifloc)

Our systems are specially adapted to meet your quality requirements, available space and budget.

Therefore each must be ordered accordingly.

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Product Specification



Dimensions without waste bin:






Purification capacity:

150 litres / minute depending on viscosity

Holding tank capacity:

260 litres

Sludge tank capacity:

1000 litres

Energy needed:

Compressed air, single-phase electricity 220 Volts – 25 Amps

EPUR-OIL GM or EPUR-WATER GM depending upon filtration requirements

Casters for ease of movement

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