Detartrol TS

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A powerful descaling product to make the cleaning of your degreasing plant an easy and cost-effective process.
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DETARTROL TS is a powerful descaling product to make the cleaning of your degreasing plant an easy and cost-effective process.

Detartrol TS is very easy to use and it will soften all hardened oil and disolve scale within pipes, nozzles and pumps. It will also clean deposits from the surfaces of the tanks and the spray areas themselves leaving the system looking clean as well as greatly improving its performing with increased spray pressure and reduced heating costs.


Unlike Detartrol, you can't use the cleaning solution to continue degreasing when the Detartrol TS has been added to the treatment tank, so this cleaning process must take place out of production hours. If your existing degreasing solution is acidic then Detartrol TS can be added directly, if not then the tanks should be dropped and filled with fresh water before adding Detartrol TS.

The working concentration should be between 8-20% and allowed to circulate for between 4-8 hours at a temperature between 30-65oC. During this time, the tanks should be checked to ensure that operating levels are correct, and the nozzles monitored for blockages as the oil and limescale is softened.

Once the cleaning is complete the solution must be removed from the tanks along with the acuminated oil and sludge from the cleaning process. Spray nozzles should be removed and cleaned and the whole system must be rinsed, and pipes flushed. It is very important that all traces of the cleaning solution are removed from the system before flushing with fresh water containing 2% Pronet and allowed to circulate for 30 minutes at 40oC before draining.

Your tanks can then be filled and the system started as normal.

Why does Detartrol TS decrease my heating costs?

The heating of water tanks is a big expense and a build-up of scale and oil, on the heating parts, will make the process less effective and slower thus increasing your costs.

Why will my degreasing process be improved after cleaning with Detartrol TS?

With the pipes and nozzles free of scale and build-up the pumps will be able to operate at their optimum pressure. This will lead to an increase of spraying pressure and an improved spray pattern.

Will you make a site visit to guide us through the process?

We are happy to visit you to make sure that you are comfortable with the process and answer any questions you may have. Just CONTACT US and we can make a suitable appointment.