Epurwater PM


Our Epur Water PM is a large capacity micro filtration unit for all types of industrial waste water including electroplating & washing water that may have been contaminated with paint, lacquer or even glue. Generally used as part of a closed cleaning circuit the unit can help you to greatly reduce the volume of fresh water you use as the Epur Water will allow you to recycle your cleaning water.


The Epur Water is a high-speed micro filtration and decontamination plant for organics on effluents after coagulation or flocculation (drying effluents, paints, glues, inks, etc.). Elimination of COD and BOD 5 in rinsing baths in the surface treatment industry.

Our systems are specially adapted to meet your quality requirements, available space and budget.

Therefore each must be ordered accordingly.

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Product Specification



Practical flow in L/H:

4800 L/H at 1.5 bar

Maximum operating temperature:

93°C (except pump 63°C)

Filtration area:

2.8 m²

Sedimentation capacity:

9 to 10 liters

Decontamination capacity in liters:

depends upon the absorption material being used

What is the difference between the Epur Water GM and the PM?

Filtration capacity and flow rate. The GM is the larger of the two Epur Water options and it can filer around 6900 litres per hour compared to the 4800 for the PM unit. Likewise it can hold up to 44 litres of waste compared to the 10 litres that can be held by the PM. Which unit you have is entirely your decision however if you are filtering larger volumes then the GM is the most viable option however it can be used for filtering smaller volumes and it will save you time as you won't be changing the filters very often.

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