Spro-Oil Codex BV


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Neutral, colourless, paraffin oil for equipment lubrication.
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Product Specification


SPRO-OIL CODEX BV is a colourless paraffin oil particularly intended for the lubrication of equipment in contact with food products, medical and pharmaceutical uses, the rubber industry, plastics and more general lubrication.

It is a neutral product so is compatible with all mineral and vegetable oils and it does not alter plastics, rubbers and elastomers of various kinds and due to its composition, SPRO-OIL CODEX BV has thixotropic properties.

SPRO-OIL CODEX BV is used in the following areas:

  • Lubricant in laser cutting on ferrous metal
  • Lubrication of food industry equipment
  • Demoulding oil for biscuits
  • Pharmaceutical, cosmetic and veterinary preparations
  • Insulation layer for musts in vinification
  • Plastic/metal and rubber/metal friction lubrication
  • KINEMATIC VISCOSITY AT 40°C - 7 to 8 mm²/s
  • DENSITY AT 15°C - 0.825 to 0.840
  • FLASH POINT VO minimum - 125°C
  • LIMIT POUR POINT - 9, standard NFT 60.105