Wound Filter Cartridge 5 microns

SKU: 20" - 2299 30" - 2300

Available: 60 units available for Priority Delivery

Micro-filtration of waste liquids. Normally used within our EpurWater & EpurOil filtration systems
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Our wound cartridge have a high dirt holding capacity and work by trapping and holding waste particulates within the woven fibre.  These are a disposable filter cartridge that give high filtration efficiency at low cost.  We offer two lengths of cartridge that fit our EpurWater & EpurOil filtration systems.

  • Filter length - 20" or 30"
  • Filtration level - 5 microns
  • Core diameter - 32mm (inside)
  • Outside diameter - 65mm

These filter cylinders are for use in pressurised filtration systems and are for the filtration of waste industrial liquids.

To see our range of filtration systems please visit our Aspifloc site.

Can I clean and re-use these filters?

It is possible to wash these filters and re-use them however this should really only be done in an emergency such as not having any new cylinders in stock. As these filters are designed to within pressurised filtration systems, the captured waste is not just sitting on the surface of the filter but deep within the fibre. This means that washing is only removing a very small percentage of the captured particulates. Washing can also dislodge particulates which can result in them being flushed from the filters when they are next put under pressure. This can then lead to them making their way to a following filtration media, such as activated carbon, and reducing its lifespan.

How long should these filters last?

It depends upon how dirty the water is that they are filtering. The cleaner that the water is that enters the chamber housing these filters then the longer they will last, this is why we generally use them as a second or even third filtration level. It is very unusual that they will be used as a primary filter.

Do all of the filters need to be changed at the same time?

It is always better to replace all of the filter cylinders rather than just one. The filters should each collect and hold the same amount of particulates so whilst changing one will allow the system to work the pressure within the filter housing will be higher than usual as all of the waste water is being forced through the one unblocked filter.