Is it possible to never change your Spraybooth water?


We are contacted by many companies who want to reduce the frequency at which they are having to stop their wet spray booths working and have them cleaned which will normally include removing the water, digging out paint sludge and refilling with fresh water. This is a process that is costly in terms of time, money and water so it is possible to save this wasteage and never have to change your booth water?

The short answer is yes, it is possible to run your wet spray booth and never have to change the water because of a build up of paint sludge or blockages caused by hard paint within pipes, pumps or nozzles. So now the question is asked 'why are companies changing their booth water if they don't have to?' This is difficult to answer with certainty, a flippant answer to the question would be that they aren't using our water treatment chemicals or that they don't want to do the small amount of housework that is required. The truth is probably a little bit of both as it will be a struggle to keep the spray booth clean unless you are using our treatment products and, if you aren't willing to give the input required, then the process will not be a success.


So, how do you keep your spray booth clean? You will have to treat the booth water with a product from our Proco range together with Proflo+. The exact product required depends upon the type of paint or lacquer you are using but this is something that we test so that the correct product is being used. Once added and the booth water is mixed then the paint or lacquer will float. This can then be removed which will leave the booth water clean and the tank free from any build up. In addition to this the Proco will make the paint or lacquer soft and stop it from sticking within the tank, pipes, pump or nozzles. Proco also contains a biocide which will treat the water and kill unwanted bacteria thus keeping the water healthy.


This all sounds very good, and it is, but if the products aren't added or aren't added correctly then the process will not be a success. Also a few minutes, every day or week, just to check over the booth and make sure that the water curtain is working well or that the pump or pump filters are clean will all help to make the process work which means no changing of the booth water.


We have been told that sprayers won't remove the paint or that removing the paint is time consuming. It has to be remembered that if the booth water isn't going to be changed then the paint will have to be removed but it needn't take too long. For a small 1000 litre spray booth the regular skimming of paint shouldn't take much longer than 10 minutes and for some companies a treatment may only take place once or twice a week. For larger booths the removal of the paint can be automated with the paint being pumped from the booth into a filter bag which will remove the paint with water being returned to the booth.


So, can a spray booth keep the same water for many years? Yes, the booth water need not be changed so by simply making some small changes and adding our treatment products money and water can be saved.


If you would like any further information on our water treatment process then please contact us.