Storage & Mixing Tank - treat & recycle waste water


As specialists in the treatment of industrial water and especially the separation of waste solids from such waters, with our Proco range of products, we are now very pleased to announce the arrival of our FUSION 800L storage and mixing tank.


The Fusion 800L can hold up to 800-litres of waste water and is supplied fitted with a 2.7KW air powered mixer with a stainless-steel mixing shaft and 6 mixing blades. The variable speed control means that you can regulate the speed of mixing to ensure the best possible treatment and separation of solids. The base of the tank is sloped to ensure complete draining and there are hose connectors fitted for both filling and emptying of the tank. There is also a handy wash area for tools or spray guns.


We have just installed our first Fusion 800L with a customer who has been using our Proco 410P to separate their waste water for over a year and mixing it in an IBC. They intended the IBC to be a very temporary measure, but one thing leads to another and a year later it was still being used. After using the Fusion 800L for a couple of weeks they are now able to get better separation (due to the superior mixing) and drain the whole tank which was something that caused them a problem with the IBC.


If you would like any further information on the Fusion 800L or other water treatment or filtration options, then please just contact us.