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2.5-metre recoil hose, 5-litre fill capacity and FPM seals combine to give excellent reach with ease of use and good chemical resistance.

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Product Code: 0712
£59.90 ex.VAT
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Product Description

The Max 2 is a sprayer that sits between the units that are designed for the home or light professional user and the sprayers that suit those users who require greater chemical resistance and sprayers that can handle a lot of work.

The Max 2 has a 2.5-metre recoil hose which gives superb reach and flexibility when you don't want to carry the tank. Place the tank on level ground and you can freely walk whilst spraying. Another advantage of a recoil hose is that it allows you to keep everything neat and tidy and you don't have to worry about trailing a long hose.

In addition, you have the option of an additional 5-metre hose. Simply swap the hoses, when required, and you can now move up to 5-metres from your tank. This can be very useful when spraying from a ladder as the tank can stand on the floor whilst you spray at height or just leave the tank in one place whilst you walk.

The sprayer is also fitted with FPM seals meaning that it can handle acidic chemicals and has, generally, better chemical resistance than those with NBR seals. The MAX 2 also benefits from a tank ullage (difference between total tank volume and filling capacity) of 3-litres which means a longer spray time between re pressurising as the larger volume allows for the storage of more pressurised air. The build quality, of the Max 2, is very good when compared to comparably priced sprayers, meaning that it will handle more 'rough & tumble' so professional users will find this a good addition to their kit.

This sprayer can also be used with a compressor, meaning that you would have a constant supply of air with no pumping (accessories 0649 or 0746 required).

If you want to use this sprayer with either of our long telescopic lances (5.4-metre or 3.2-metre) then we have included them in the accessories listed on this page. These lances are supplied complete with all required connectors for use with this sprayer. If you purchase either of these lances elsewhere on this site then they will not include the required connectors.